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Jim Chilton's testimony before Congress

The following is the text of Jim Chilton’s April 13, 2005, testimony before the U.S. Congress. Included is a report prepared by biologist and attorney Dennis Parker which underscores the need for change in our environmental laws:

Following Mr. Chilton's Congressional testimony, members of the committee submitted questions to Mr. Chilton. The following contains the Committee's letter, as well as Mr. Chilton's response.

After Jim testified before Congress in April, 2005, it was pointed out to us that Mrs. Sally Stefferud was not the actual author of the Biological Opinions for the Montana Allotment. Thereafter, Jim clarified and described Mrs. Stefferud's actual role in the development of these biological opinions in his answers to additional questions posed to him by the House Committee on Resources.

Mr. Parker earned a B.A. in Biology in 1976, from California State University, Sonoma.  He served as a Water Protection Fund Commissioner for the State of Arizona and is a former master consultant for endangered species for Phelps Dodge Corporation.  In 2001,  Mr. Parker earned a J.D. degree from Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles, California.

In addition, the following links will take you to Forest Service regulations, as well as other environmental laws:

This site contains a summary of how the U.S. Forest Services applies NEPA when grazing authorization is sought.

This U.S. Forest Service web site discusses why the USFS allows cattle grazing.

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